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frequently asked questions

What does PiggybaQ do?

PiggybaQ is a Crowd Sourced Drop Shipping platform that lets you sell your products through thousands of online stores.

How much does PiggybaQ cost?

Get setup in minutes with our free 14 day trial.  After your trial has expired, we have several pricing plans for you to choose from in order to best suit the size and nature of your business.

How do I install PiggybaQ?

To install PiggybaQ,  download the app.  You don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining any software because we do it all for you.

What do I need in order to start using PiggybaQ?

All you need to start using PiggybaQ is a Shopify account and a credit card to pay for your subscription (once you've completed your free trial).

How is money exchanged?

PiggybaQ will send an automated email to the reseller which will include the amount the reseller is to pay PiggybaQ in order for the shipment to be processed. Once payment is received, PiggybaQ will notify the seller to go ahead and ship the product. 

Once the product is shipped the final balance owed to the seller will be sent via PayPal

How are resellers vetted for sellers?

Once a reseller imports a product, an email notification will be sent to the seller with the reseller store information in order to approve or deny the reseller as a partner store. 

If they click approve, the product will be automatically imported and shown on the resellers store. If they deny the reseller, the product will not be imported to the resellers store.

Strong Follower count?

If you have a strong following- open a Shopify store, download PiggybaQ and begin importing products to your store.Use your social media as an advertising platform to promote your new product line and make commissions selling an unlimited amount of products through your new online store.

How does a free trial work?

Once you download the software from the Shopify App store you will receive a 30 day free trial to use PiggybaQ.

What do I get with free trial?

With the free trial you get to use all features and functions PiggybaQ has to offer.

If Im selling a product how will I know when my product is sold?

We will email you once we receive payment for your product from the reseller. You can see orders, and confirm shipments on your Shopify dashboard.

How does shipping work?

When a product is sold through a reseller shop, the reseller sends payment of the product to PiggybaQ in order to process the shipping.

Once payment is received, PiggybaQ notifies the seller to ship the product to the resellers' customer. When the product is shipped, PiggybaQ sends a balance payment to the seller.

How is PiggybaQ different than typical drop shipping Apps/companies

PiggybaQ is a fully automated app. You manage your orders as if they were made through your own Shopify store. A one stop shop!

How can I make sure the prices of my products are the same on a resellers store?

There is a feature that allows sellers to enable and disable markups of their products.
If a seller chooses to disable markups, the prices of their products will be the same on each resellers shop. If a seller chooses to enable markups on their products, resellers are able to increase the pricing of the products.

How do I know the order was shipped?

Our system emails you as soon as your order is being processed with a shipping confirmation. You will receive an additional email once your order is in transit with a link to your Shopify admin page which will include tracking information.

If I’m a seller of products, Can I also add products to my store?

Yes! With PiggybaQ you can be a seller AND a reseller. You can browse PiggybaQ, import products and earn commissions selling products through your store. Once the products are sold through your store, you make the commissions and the sellers handle the shipping.

Social Media is now Social Commerce, how can I maximize my use of PiggybaQ?

Post a message on your social media platforms letting your followers know that they can now make commissions reselling your products by opening a Shopify store, downloading PiggybaQ and begin adding and selling your products through their online store without buying anything.

What if a product is sold out on my Shopify store?

If you run out of stock on any given product, the App will automatically remove the product from PiggybaQ as well as remove the product automatically from each reseller shop that has imported the product.

I adjust my prices frequently. What is the best way to do this?

You should visit your PiggybaQ dashboard and select “my products” and choose the product or products you wish to adjust pricing.

I adjust my quantities frequently. What is the best way to do this?

When adjusting quantities or inventory levels, you can do this on your Shopify products page.  The changes will be updated automatically on PiggybaQ.

How do I modify a products commission?

Visit your PiggybaQ dashboard and select “my products”. There you can adjust the commissions for each product or products.

What is the best way to manage items going out of stock?

The best and fastest way to indicate that an item is out of stock is to set the quantity to zero. When you restock the product under the same SKU,  set the quantity to your on-hand quantity.

We do not recommend deleting SKUs that are temporarily out of stock. You should explicitly delete the SKU from your Shopify dashboard only if you do not plan to restock the item in the future.